Who do we treat at The Recovery House?

A person diagnosed with a mental illness is eligible to participate in the day or residential program at The Recovery House if they meet the following criteria:

• Are 18 years or older;
• Have the ability to participate in and benefit from the active treatment of a structured multidisciplinary program;
• Medication isn’t sufficient to treat the individual;
• Functioning in a manner that is safe to self and others and do not actively pose as harm to themselves or others around them;
• Are willing to participate in a structured program and work towards recovery
• Have limitations resulting from symptoms/impairments of their diagnosed mental illness that severely interferes with the client’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to maintain themselves adequately in the community;
• Have problems organizing and planning daily life – finding it hard to plan and actually carry out what they intend to do;
• Require a multi-modal,comprehensive, coordinated,intensive, and individualized active treatment and rehabilitation program;
• Have an adequate support system outside the program to help sustain themor the client is capable of creating such a support system;
• Recently discharged from an psychiatric inpatient unit and require step down level of care to prevent hospitalization;
• Have families who are willing to be involved in their care;
• Are able to perform self-care tasks independently;
• Are willing to be bound by the terms and conditions of our rehabilitation program;
• Their illness affects concentration, motivation and ability to express oneself;
• Be deemed by our Medical Director to be appropriate for admission.

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