“The Recovery House has been one of my first career opportunities which helped provide a firm foundation to my professional capacities. TRH welcomed me with open arms and treated me like a member of the family; I never once felt like I was ‘just a number’. There was camaraderie on all levels, providing everyone constant energy and determination – much-needed in the kind of work we do. People were genuinely helpful, they were upbeat, and they smiled smiles that shone in their eyes. TRH made me fall in love with the field I had chosen after much doubts and discussions.

I entered TRH exactly a year ago. In the beginning, I was naïve, unaware how to move forward with cases that were far from theory, and would experience anxiety nearly all the time. *laughs*. I have had my moments of frustration and vent outs, but the constant support that I received from those around me kept me going, never let me break down. This helped renew my passion to come to TRH each day, every day.

My clients were my constant ray of hope. I understood the true meaning of hope from them. Coming from different walks of life, my clients taught me lessons, big and small, that no school would have otherwise taught. They were people who were the dearest to me and whose smiles were my greatest achievements. I would always be grateful to TRH for being a safe haven for them.

TRH made me a better person and gave me some of the best memories. TRH and all those associated with it shall always remain in my prayers!”

TRH will always be missed!

Talheen, Sep 7,2018

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