• “The Recovery House has been one of my first career opportunities which helped provide a firm foundation to my professional capacities. TRH welcomed me with open arms and treated me like a member of the family; I never once felt like I was ‘just a number’. There was camaraderie on all levels, providing everyone constant energy and determination – much-needed in the kind of work we do. People were genuinely helpful, they were upbeat, and they smiled smiles that shone in their eyes. TRH made me fall in love with the field I had chosen after much doubts and discussions.

    I entered TRH exactly a year ago. In the beginning, I was naïve, unaware how to move forward with cases that were far from theory, and would experience anxiety nearly all the time. *laughs*. I have had my moments of frustration and vent outs, but the constant support that I received from those around me kept me going, never let me break down. This helped renew my passion to come to TRH each day, every day.

    My clients were my constant ray of hope. I understood the true meaning of hope from them. Coming from different walks of life, my clients taught me lessons, big and small, that no school would have otherwise taught. They were people who were the dearest to me and whose smiles were my greatest achievements. I would always be grateful to TRH for being a safe haven for them.

    TRH made me a better person and gave me some of the best memories. TRH and all those associated with it shall always remain in my prayers!”

    TRH will always be missed!

    Talheen, Sep 7,2018

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  • Dear TRH family,
    When a mental illness strikes it hits one like a silent hammer. It bashes you over and over. There is the psychiatric damage which overlaps with the functional and cognitive which happens at the same time that completely debilitates you. The damaged goods and the blood trickles and spreads. It’s like this acid that eats up anything that comes in its way. That is exactly what it did, it ate me up and along with myself it also gnawed away the flesh and soul of my loved ones, my family, most of all my mother and father. I feel that it has permanently damaged my relationship with some people in my my family but I strongly believe that time and perseverance heals thanks to TRH.

    The worst has passed. There are hardships that will continuously come my way but I feel that I am better equipped thanks to you. The cloud over the silver lining is that they know where I am, who I am, and I think that I am getting there too.

    I gained a lot of insight on how my illness is embedded in my core belief system and my personality structure by now. 18 years of suffering from Bipolar affective disorder has damaged me in ways that I have just started to decipher. This privilege is something that I was able to get by being under treatment at The Recovery House.

    This insight was a tough one to get and I gave a really tough time to my extended TRH family with Talheen on the forefront, Dr Tauseef’s patience in listening, and Dr Uzma being there in the background and keeping a sharp eye on the progress.

    I couldnt have gotten where I am without Zia saahab keeping an eye on the medication being kind with his words and with Fahim being patient whenever I wanted another cigarrette, he would just smile and say no.

    Sarah, Thank you.

    Nasheeta, thank you for listening to my whining in the evening and figuring out something to do

    David talking about his own personal struggles and his conviction that nothing is impossible. Francis and his incessant hawk eye which on the upfront could be a little annoying but you could see the reason why he would do what he did, to make sure your habits get better.

    After my first episode post 2016 – 2018 I was not comfortable sitting outside in the dining room and doing anything. I would stay cooped up. These past two months at TRH have taught me how I have to fight those feelings. I am sitting in my dining room, I can deal with the cross questioning, I can deal with things and compartmentalise them effectively, I think you have helped me be slightly more real rather than living in a bubble of my own and thank you for that.

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