Residential Program

The residential treatment and rehabilitation program is a safe home-like environment that provides short term & long term support, evaluation & treatment services for clients experiencing increased stress as a result of their mental illness. A 15-bedroom facility, TRH provides a home away from home with ample indoor and outdoor recreational spaces including a fitness room, a television lounge, computer room and dining area. All rooms are air-conditioned, have an attached bathroom and may be shared or single, with separate and independent sections for males and females. Delicious, nutritious meals prepared while taking into consideration individual clients’ dietary needs are served regularly throughout the day.

This program allows us to evaluate clients based on our observation of their increased stress which is a result of their mental illness. It provides for structured and productive days of recovery, including wellness-based gatherings and activities. Residents participate six-days a week in daily scheduled activities of the Day Program.Residents participate in one-on-one, family & group therapies, along with medication monitoring. Day program facilities for residents run from 10am to 8pm.

Our team members are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to provide case management, treatment or rehabilitation intervention, motivation and monitoring. Family members are also invited to attend psycho-education sessions, as well as monthly follow-up meetings with our clinical team.

Residential clients are allowed to be taken home occasionally, as per a pre-decided and mutually agreed upon schedule, which differ for each client based on the requirements of the rehabilitation regimen in place.

Other Features

Psychiatrists and Psychologist may refer their clients to take advantage of our services. These could be for admission to our Day Program or Residential Program. Referring Physician can visit their clients, charge for their consultation and prescribe medication. Details are available with the Director.

Outpatient Services will be available. Consultant Psychiatrists are available during selected day and evening hours.

Zakat funds are available for the treatment of Charity Patients. As the organization is a not for Profit, paying patients, will be charged noncommercial rates.

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