The Recovery House is a not for profit entity operating on a fee-for-service basis, under the banner ofCaravan of Life Pakistan Trust. Caravan of Life Pakistan Trust is a registered non-profit organization, with tax exemption certificate # 1958, issued by the Commissioner Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue, bearing National Tax Number (NTN): 3646741-3.

The Recovery House has been established on the basis of donations and pro bono technical assistance. Fees for service contribute towards supporting us to sustain the activities with a view towards the highest standards of quality and care.

Mental illness can affect persons of any age, race, religion or income. The Recovery House makes every attempt to not deny treatment for reasons of non-affordability. Anyone may register with us as a donor for the treatment and rehabilitation of deserving clients. No one donor is expected to bear 100% of the cost of the treatment, unless they categorically express the desire to do so. TRH will develop programs which enable pooling of donor money, when the need arises for any one client. This pooled money is then added to contributions made by the client’s family so as to make it financially feasible for clients who have genuine need, whilst also helping them meet these costs.

Donations can be made in many ways. You can contribute to TRH’s wish list. Our wish list is updated regularly with items that are the need of the hour, and people may find in it things that they can easily provide to TRH. We accept new and used items, as long as they are in a good condition to be passed on to a client. We assure you that all donations we receive are put to the best possible use, and no effort goes wasted.

If you would like to make a more specific donation, The Recovery House offers a structured program to cover the cost of a single client, which would include admission in the residential facility or day program, as per your wishes, and comprise medication, food, and rehabilitation services. You may choose to cover the cost of one month, one year, as many months as you choose on an ad hoc basis, or as many months as the course of their rehabilitation lasts. These donations may be made through the channels listed above, and will be used to sponsor a deserving client, with the approval of our board members.

Please help us to meet our vision and our mission of serving persons living with severe mental illnesses and their families with your generous gifts through your zakat and sadaqa donations. We use zakat donations for clients only after ensuring thatthey qualify for it. We do not use zakat for acquiring, renovating or maintaining the facility. On the other hand, your sadaqadonations will help strengthen and grow our project. It will also help support and provide services to clients that do not qualify for the zakat funds, and are unable to meet costs of services they need.

Donations can be sent in via mail in Pakistan, direct deposit in Karachi, mail in the USA or direct deposit in the USA.

Donation ThroughCheques:

Cheque payable to: Caravan of Life Pakistan Trust
Mailing Address: 156, Bangalore Town, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Donation Through Deposits:

Title of Account: Caravan of Life Pakistan Trust
Bank: Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
Account number: 20311-714-251016
Swift Code: MPBLPKKA
Branch Code: 012 Shahrah-e-Faisal
Branch: Sharah-e-Faisal Karachi Pakistan
Address: Siddique Sons Tower 3, Jinnah Society, Near Shaheed-e-Millat Flyover, Shara-e-Faisal,Karachi.
Telephone: (+9221) 34528395
Fax: (+9221) 34383498

If you wish to receive a receipt acknowledging your donation, please communicate your address and donation details to [email protected]. An official receipt will be promptly mailed to you. All donations for The Recovery House are tax exempt.

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