Day Program

This unique program provides structure and support to promote better understanding of the client’s illness & helps develop their goals & skills in group therapies as well as individual session, whilst also allowing the client to continue living at home and go about their life as per usual. However, it is important to note that the decision to admit a client into Day Care or Residential Care is at the discretion of our Clinical Team.The Day Program also serves as a step-down from the Residential Program, where the client is discharged from residential care and admitted into the day program, based upon the progress of their recovery.

The Day-Program is available for non-residents in 3-day and 5-day, per week, slots for non-residents. It provides individuals with a regimen of activity that seeks to develop or build skills that will help clients achieve personal goals. It is different from a traditional day care program as it is designed to provide not only a busy and structured schedule but also education, skills and therapy.

Several variations of the day program are available, and the client or their family are allowed to pick the time slot that suits them the best. Options include 10am to 4pm, 10am to 6pm, or 8.30am to 6pm.

Our team members are available during the session hours to provide support, treatment or rehabilitation intervention, case management, motivation and monitoring. Family members of clients in the Day Program are also invited to attend psycho-education sessions, as well as monthly follow-up meetings with our clinical team.

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