The Recovery House owes its deepest gratitude to its off-site consultants, who go out of their ways to assist The Recovery House in every way, whenever and however possible. These consultants also train our team members over Skype, extend towards our staff and team members their services, as well as the ideals of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Michele Blankenberg of Thresholds, USA

Michele is a dependable, goal-oriented professional with extensive experience in behavioral health management, quality improvement, program conversions, addictions counseling and financial development. She implemented and maintained Thresholds’ only Illinois Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse-certified Substance Abuse and Mental Illness (SAMI) program, developed and implemented a Center for Recovery (CFR) for Spanish-speaking persons with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SMI), and co-wrote a proposal to the United Way for an expansion of Bilingual services to Cicero and Berwyn communities.

Veronica D. Carey, PhD, CPRP, Assistant Clinical Professor, Drexel University, USA.

Veronica Carey is also the Associate Director of the Saturday Scholars Program, Behavioral Health Counseling Department, Drexel University.

Dr. Carey has over 20 years of experience in behavioral health program planning and management, continuing education training, and policy development. She is a member of the United Stated Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certification Commission, the International Committee for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Inclusion, and is a consultant to Pennsylvania’s Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

As a frequent guest lecturer and workshop presenter, Dr. Carey has addressed evidence-based best practices in recovery-oriented services, treatment planning, behavioral health care system practices, program planning, and implementation of psychiatric rehabilitation services. Her articles on direct-care staff development in community-based treatment settings have been published in the “Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal” and “Psychiatric Services.”

Barbara Granger, PhD, CPRP, LLC, Granger Consulting Services, USA.

Dr Granger received her doctorate from Bryn Mawr College, for her dissertation titled “Process and Participation in Needs Assessment: Approaches to Defining the Housing Needs of People with Physical Disabilities.” Her key areas of expertise include trainings to promote collaborative relationships within and between organizations to promote recovery, and on integrations of peer support services into behavioral health services, including promotion of strong co-worker and supervisory relationships.

In December 2013, Drs Carey and Granger visited Pakistan and conducted intensive trainings of staff and team members at The Recovery House, in accordance with the principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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