Privacy Policy

As part of its code of ethics, The Recovery House takes the confidentiality of its clients and their family members very seriously.

The purpose of maintaining confidentiality is to protect the identity and privacy of our clients, as confidentiality is an important element in developing a therapeutic alliance with clients. Respecting the privacy of our clients, donors, members, staff, volunteers and of the The Recovery House itself is a basic value of The Recovery House. Personal and financial information is confidential and should not be disclosed or discussed with anyone without permission or authorization from the director, Miss Naheed Mahmood.

It is very important for all team members, board members and visiting members (interns, volunteers, unit facilitators) to refrain from disclosing any confidential information to third parties about our clients to avoid causing them harm.

Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Identifying information about the client, including name, address or phone number;
2. Information relating to the client’s family;
3. Information about the abuse, trauma, and/or violence experienced by the client;
4. Any other information that would identify the client or potentially place the client and/or family members at risk.

Maintaining confidentiality also forbids photographing the clients. Photography of our clients would require prior authorization. Moreover, all information concerning clients, former clients, our staff, financial data, and business records of The Recovery House is confidential.

A breach of confidentiality can result in legal liability, ethical complaints, or adverse actions where applicable.

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