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Are you someone who possesses the following VALUES. ?
 Establishes a high level of trust & credibility with other , values professionalism, integrity ,dependability , reliability, adaptability flexibility ,initiative taking , hungry for knowledge & learning & is desirous of leaving an impact ?
Do you possess the following SKILLS ?
 Understands Empathy , keen insight into behaviour, active listening, social perceptiveness ,strong communication, comprehension,coordination &, human services orientation . critical thinking , complex problem solving ?
Do you have the following ABILITIES ?
 Oral comprehension & expression ,deductive & inductive reasoning & fluency of ideas ?

Well if you said yes to all of the above we would like to talk to you. The Recovery House, a Pioneering ,Psychiatric Rehabilitation program in Karachi, is seeking such a UNIQUE candidate .
We offer a groundbreaking opportunity for persons with high ideals & desirous of being a part of a cutting-edge endevour. All trainings from the USA , leading to the Certification for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner ( CPRP) will be provided for the selected candidate
Qualifications : Masters in any Human services field ,English & Computer proficiency , min. 5 years work experience preferably in a human services field . Candidate should be in pursuit of a career path , not a job & wants to be a core part of a Pioneering field .

Title: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
Reports To: Executive Director
 Coordinate with Executive Director to monitor, evaluate and manage matters related to the
mental health of clients.
 Align delivery of services in order to provide quality client – centered services.
 Conduct evaluation of new clients and submit recommendati ons, for admission or otherwise,
the Executive Director.
 Develop treatment plans and help clients identify goals of rehabilitation.
 Be responsible for the goals, objectives and outcomes of a certain number of clients.
 Prepare clients for transition to Day treatment program / Internship / V ocation / Independent
 Maintain complete files of all clients under his care.
 Submit monthly reports on progress of clients in his care.
 Participate in family meetings and maintain documentation.
 Participate in treatment team meetings and circulate minutes of the meeting to all m embers of
the treatment team.
 Conduct units according to evidence based practice.
 Conduct separate units for individual clients on needs basis.
 Participate in development of Outreach and home visit program in consultation with the
Executive Director.
 Closely monitor and evaluate the proficiency of nursing staff.
 As PRP, be responsible for orientation and training of other PRP’s.
 Adhere to the policies, procedures, rules and regul ati ons of The Recovery House.
 Participate in and support all activities at The Recovery House such as seminars and other
 Helping the Executive Director in Daycare units planning, services improvement and technical
advice in advisory capacity.
 Be ava ilable and ready to engage in on – the – job formal/informal training held in – house, online
and on other platforms.
 Any other assignment given by the management towards rehabilitation services relevant to area
of responsibility.

The Recovery House
156, Bangalore Town
Tipu Sultan Road
Ph: 021-34546364-5-6
[email protected]

Clinical Internships

TRH offers a range of internship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology or Mental Health programs, particularly at the graduate level. Our programs provide opportunities for students to gain experience in case management, therapy, psychiatric rehabilitation, outreach work, group psychotherapy, residential care, supported employment, and documentation. Each student is provided with individual clinical supervision and group supervision with their team. Students in the clinical internship program are also encouraged to attend training offered at The Recovery House that focus on the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in the field to provide the best possible support services for our members. The combination of supervision, training, and the holistic service model used at TRH provides a unique training experience for students working toward a clinical degree.

Volunteer opportunities

TRH always has its doors open to volunteers! We invite applications especially from individuals who can involve our clients in activities such as arts and expressive arts, photography, yoga or physical training. But more than that, TRH loves people who would be willing to dedicate their time to us and help us spread the word! We regularly assemble groups of young individuals to assist us in fundraising, advocacy, awareness, and planning and event management. Please note, volunteers are selected after a review of their resume as well as an interview with our president and then director, so only serious applications are invited as the privacy and safety of our clients are of utmost importance to us.

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